Badge #6 | Logo Maker

To: The Rossum Corporation
From: Hannah Pruitt
Date: May 14, 2014
Subject: The Rossum Corporation Logo

This logo was created for use by The Rossum Corporation. The Rossum Corporation is an industry leader, manufacturing the largest number of MRI machines in the world and has broken new ground in imprinting technology. The organization is best known for its development of dollhouses, which program “dolls” for clients at a steep price. The Rossum Corporation is a powerhouse of research, science, and wealth, and must command an intimidating presence. One of the best ways to make a company more recognizable and appealing is through a memorable and creative logo. As David Airey, author of Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities says, “The same visual identity seen time and again builds trust, and trust keeps customers coming back for more.” (Airey 2010) A powerful logo is then essential in maintaining the Rossum Corporation’s market dominance and brand loyalty in the field of imprinting and drug development.

The new logo for the Rossum Corporation. Click for full size.

The new logo for the Rossum Corporation. Click for full size.

The Rossum Corporation’s new logo is simple but instantly commands respect. It features a single letter “R” in the serif font Bentham contained in the white outline of a diamond. The background is a gradient of dark gray rectangles that gradually get darker and darker across the right side of the logo. The “R” for Rossum and the diamond outline both have a subtle drop shadow and bevel effect to give them the illusion of depth, adding graphic richness to the logo.

Though the logo is simple, every element has been chosen with care. The single “R” in a serif font was selected to make the logo as simple and recognizable as possible. I picked a stylish but classic serif font because although trendy fonts can be tempting to use, they frequently make logos look passé after only a few years. As designer Nigel French describes in his Lynda tutorial, “fun fonts” can often “give [the] logo a very dated look very quickly.” The same can be said of more broad logo fads in general. What looks good in 2003 will look out of place in 2013 if you’re not careful. This was a chief concern kept of mine as this logo was being designed, because a timeless quality will prevent the logo from going through multiple revisions in a short period of time, saving time, energy, and money in the long run.

I selected dark grays and blacks as the main color palette for the logo’s background because of their connotations with power, dominance, and affluence. The Rossum Corporation is an incredibly powerful player in the science sector, and should be appropriately represented as such through its logo. Additionally, the dark palette will print well in black and white as well as in color. If the printer does not detect or is not sophisticated enough to render the subtle black-and-gray gradient, it will print as simply black, which will not result in a significant loss of depth and will connote the same feeling of power.

Finally, the decorative white diamond outlined was added around the Rossum “R” to give the logo a more visually dynamic appearance. It breaks up some of the white space and also vaguely resembles a decorative monogram. Logolounge identified monogram and monogram-related logos as enjoying a spike of popularity in the past year in their 2013 Logo Trend writeup and reviewed them favorably, noting that a “certain aura of elegance and formality that accompanies [them].” This makes this kind of design perfect for what The Rossum Corporation wants to convey to its customers.

This new logo will help increase brand loyalty, name recognition, and overall connotations of power with The Rossum Corporation. By implementing good design practices and through judicious font and color palette choices, the logo’s elegance and simplicity will make it a timeless staple of The Rossum Corporation’s public presence.


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