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Javascript and the DOM | Reflections


A thrilling screencap of my planets website, with the additional changed message of “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it” on the “blue planet” portion.

I’m excited to be finally starting Javascript in this class — aside from some navigation bar problems that are well-documented, I’m fairly comfortable with the basics in CSS & HTML, but I’m completely new to Javascript. These are uncharted waters for me, and I’m nervous but ready to learn. The chapter was daunting in length and scope, but ultimately pretty easy to parse. The structure of Javascript feels very similar to Actionscript, which helped me get more comfortable with the structure. It still feels a little weird — especially since I’m learning Python right now in Programming Logic, and all these slightly different coding languages can be hard to keep track of. But I’m sure that after a few hours of practicing the basics, I’ll be able to write it more confidently without flipping back through the book to make sure I have the right syntax.

One part of the homework confused me, however. It was on page 61, the “Secret Message” homework, where it asked you to “write the element each line of code selects, as well as the content of the element to reveal the secret meaning!” I was unclear on what “the element each line of code selects” referred to. I understood that the assignment was asking us to find the corresponding words in the DOM with the lines of code, but the first part of it confused me. I didn’t know if it wanted me to write down “E7” or “E12” etc., as well. That was the only real trouble I had with the assignment. Other than that I think that mastering (or at least being able to use) Javascript will come down to adequate practice and time!

You can see my planets website here. I hope I added my new message correctly — I just replaced the old Blue Planet text with something new when the page loads, just like the Green planet.


The CSS Bakery: Trials & Tribulations of Nav Bars


A screenshot of the Black & White Cookies recipe page of my finished site, displaying the bulleted lists, navigation bar, header, and picture elements.

For my second minisite assignment, I selected the topic of a dessert recipe exclusive website. This allowed me to give the website a whimsical, fun atmosphere, and I had a lot of fun selecting from bright, spring-y color palettes and curly serifs in my mockups and design of the site. My three sub-categories of desserts were cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecake, which are all things I enjoy and I knew would match the site’s design. However, despite the fact that I had fun coming up with the visual design of the website, the coding proved to be one of my toughest challenges yet. My minisite can be found here for your viewing pleasure.

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