The Hero of W3, the Man they Call Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee: CSS Practice


A screenshot of my finished page. The div tag is a powerful tool. So powerful, in fact, that when I tried to type it here with brackets, it utterly messed up my caption and I had to type it again. Technology is amazing.

Debrief: Coding Assignment

The in-class exercise gave us the task of attributing class tags to different chunks of text in an HTML file and manipulating the accompanying CSS file to make them each display different text. My webpage can be found here for your viewing pleasure.

This was a really useful assignment for me because I’d never learned how to use tags. I knew there was an easier way than just manually changing the text every time, but I didn’t know what it was (and couldn’t put it into words to try to use google to find an answer). I’m so happy I know the answer now!

As soon as I figured out how code could be changed to include class tags, the assignment flew by. I had no problems (for once!) and it felt great to see the page coming together from raw text to something much more readable without tons of broken images or messed up code. I’m really excited to learn how to use classes to build more complex websites more easily — no more manually entering HTML to change the look of text!

Debrief: Smashing Magazine

I like to think I have more than a passing knowledge of graphic design, but some of Smashing Magazine was incomprehensible to me. For example, references to font “hinting” in an article by Laura Franz, “Dear Web Font Designers,” were completely foreign to me. I’m not sure what the author meant by that or how it’s done, but examples of bad font hinting were pretty startling in how terrible they looked.

Another buzzword (or perhaps an industry term) that I didn’t understand was “slicing.” A google search revealed that this is just (to my understanding) a term for dividing up content, usually with something like CSS, as opposed to HTML tables.


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