CSS Debrief: Linking, Editing, and Making CSS Work


A screenshot of my blog with the attached CSS. I added a gray background and some fancy features, like a dark gray text background when the user hovers over a link, and some visually appealing word wrap using margins.

Weekend Coding Homework #2 went smoothly for me for the most part. My enhanced website looks a lot sleeker and more user-friendly than my previous one. Linking CSS to HTML files is something that I had struggled with earlier, so finally learning how to do it the right way was a major step in the right direction (and made me feel a little silly I hadn’t gotten the hang of it on my own). I really enjoyed being able to manipulate the CSS and see the changes instantly on my enhanced site. Things like margins and adjusting the width of the <p> tag make a big different right away — especially when it comes to the user experience and being able to read text quickly and easily — so it was really gratifying to see such a big difference with just a few lines of code.

My struggles with this assignment were less with the code and more with Filezilla. I made a lot of stupid mistakes when I was transferring the files and ended up trying to reupload the old files from Friday’s assignment and tearing my hair out in frustration when the links didn’t link to the enhanced website. I think this was a problem I ran into so frequently and egregiously because the file names were all so similar from the first project, so I don’t anticipate this being a problem in the future when we’re using CSS on different webpages. But I guess I still need to practice making sure I’m in the right folder and using Filezilla correctly as the class progresses.

My Filezilla problem also meant that my relative links kept breaking, but as soon as I got all the different folders straightened out and was finally updating the right files, they worked perfectly. The code was much shorter and easier to write. I can definitely see why these kinds of links are preferred.

At this point, I don’t really have any questions about CSS. Now that I have figured out the problem with attaching a separate CSS file (I must have been misspelling something before) I’m just excited to use CSS in as many was as I can. Something specific that I’d like to learn how to do with CSS as we progress is to learn how to make photo galleries. My boss at my internship isn’t happy with their website’s gallery system and I would like to have some knowledge of how to fix it.


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